Best Vacuum For Bed Bugs – 6 Top rated ones

What would be worse than bed bugs invading your bedroom? Even if you try to use your long-held concoctions, sprays, or any other charm for that matter, there is no tangible evidence that you are going to eradicate them from your house if you are not using the best vacuum for bed bugs. Thankfully, the world offers hundreds of best vacuum cleaners for bed bugs, from which you can make your informed choice.

Throughout this article, I will try to emphasize on the importance of investing in a bug vacuum that will help you remove all the bugs and other pests from the house. Besides, I will, also give you answers to three important questions that have plagued many homeowners for several years.

The three questions that I am eager and willing to answer are:

  • Can bed bugs live in a vacuum cleaner?
  • How can you remove bed bugs from a vacuum cleaner?
  • Does vacuuming alone get rid of bed bugs from the house?
PictureBest Vacuum for Bed BugsTypeRating
best vacuum for bed bugsAtrix Bed Bug VacuumBackpack4.4
best steamer for bed bugsMcCulloch MC1375 Bed Bugs Steam CleanerCanister4.4
dyson vacuum for bed bugsDyson Vacuum for Bed BugsHand Held4.3
best vacuum for bed bugsShark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld VacuumHandheld4.6

Before we look at the 6 best vacuuming bed bugs, it is important to know why regular vacuuming using the best vacuum for bed bug.

Why You should Vacuum Your House Regularly

Although vacuuming alone is not 100% in the elimination of bed bugs, regular vacuuming plays a vital role in the whole process. The fact that a bed vacuum is designed to capture those stubborn invaders makes it the ideal tool for the job.

  • Bed bugs encroach and hide themselves deep inside the mattress, where it is hard to clean. If you were to clean the mattress manually to remove the bed bugs, you’d be forced to immerse the whole mattress inside water. You know how many days the mattress will take before it is completely dry.
  • Cleaning a mattress manually not eradicate bugs especially if they form a cluster. While cleanliness helps clear the house, if the bugs are already in your bedroom, you had better look for a vacuum cleaner for bed bugs.
  • Bed vacuum cleaners have strong suction power, which is needed to remove the bugs that may be at the center of the mattress and other hard-to-reach areas.
  • Bed bugs have a unique ability that allows them to hold tightly to something such as a mattress. Without proper and stronger mechanisms to remove them, it would be impossible to eradicate them. This tells you why you need the best vacuum for bed bugs.

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Now that you know why you need the right tool for the job, it is time we look at the top 6 mattress vacuum cleaners in the market:

1. Atrix  Bed Bugs Vacuum – VACBP1 HEPA Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

best vacuum for bed bugs

From the name, you are able to see that this bed bug vacuum cleaner is truly ergonomic. Yes, you don’t have to worry about how to carry it. You simply strap it on your back and you are good to do the job. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

Atrix bed bug vacuum cleaner weighs 10.3 pounds only. That means you are able to carry it comfortably for hours.

In addition, you don’t have to use one hand throughout your vacuuming. Thanks to its design, you are able to shift the vacuum to either hand. That way, you are able to create resting time for the hand that has held the vac for a long time.

With the 8-quart HEPA filtration, you are sure the machine will be able to capture even the finest particles from the deepest part of the mattress, where bugs lodge.

The mattress vacuum cleaner is packed with additional attachments, which will enable you do other jobs.

Notable features

  • 6-ft hose.
  • Exhauster filter cover.
  • Backpack vacuum.
  • Blower adapter.
  • Extension wand.
  • Crevice tool.
  • Furniture nozzle.
  • HEPA bag.
  • Floor brush.
  • 12 Amp (1400W powerful motor).


  • You can carry it easily at the back.
  • Lightweight at only 10.3 lbs.
  • Comes with additional attachments.
  • Powerful motor.
  • The long power cord and hose help you clean a wide area.


  • Floor attachment is loose.
  • Some parts are made of plastic, which may not last.
  • The 30-day return period is short.

2. McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner – Best Steamer for Bed Bugs

best steamer for bed bugsWhat else would you want other than a steamer for bed bugs with a large capacity water tank? If that is what you want, consider your craving settled. McCulloch MC1375 best steamer for bed bugs comes with a 48-oz water tank. With this large capacity, you do not need to stop amid your work to refill the tank. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

One special thing I must mention about this bed vacuum cleaner is that instead of using chemicals to eliminate bugs, the bed vacuum uses hot pressurized water. Thanks to the hot steam, the bed bug carpet cleaner is able to sanitize all surfaces in the house hence killing up to 99.99% of all bacteria and germs.

In addition, this best bug vacuum can help you reach even the distant parts of the house thanks to its 10-ft hose and a whooping 18-ft power cord.

McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner is fitted with a staggering 20+ versatile accessories. With the help of these accessories, you are able to not only remove bugs from your house but also clean other areas and surfaces in the house.

Notable features

  • Over 20 versatile accessories.
  • 18-ft power cord.
  • 10-ft hose.
  • 48-ounce large water tank.
  • 10-minute heating time.
  • 8 lbs.


  • You can reach all parts of the house.
  • Extremely powerful suction.
  • No need to stop amid your work to refill the tank.
  • Additional accessories make work easier.
  • The vacuum cleaner is multipurpose.
  • Heats up fast.
  • The water keeps hot for a long time.


  • You cannot increase power when dealing with hard surfaces because the pressure is constant.
  • You cannot warm the water even if you want to. It has to be hot.
  • Accessories compartment is made of cheap plastic.

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3. Vacplus Handheld  Bed Vacuum with Powerful Suction

best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs

The design of this  UV vacuum cleaner shows clearly that the manufacturer is concerned about your personal safety. The lamp of this UV vacuum for bed bugs will not turn on unless you press three rollers down at the same time. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

In addition, it is made in a way that makes the vacuum friendly to pets, kids, and everybody in the house. Because of that, you can use Vacplus vacuum on fabrics, mattresses, bed sheets, mattress covers, to remove dust, insects, and other pesticides that have found their way to the house.

It is fitted with a large-capacity bucket for holding water and of course dirt. With these two features alone, you are sure to work around the clock without the fear of stopping to empty either the litterbin or the water tank.

Features bed bugs uv light killing all the insects from the house.

The vac is versatile and is lightweight thus, you don’t have to worry about the weight.

Notable features

  • Large water tank and litter bin.
  • Build with safety in mind.
  • 3 rollers to light the lamp.


  • You can use it during the night without lighting.
  • Large water tank as well as litter bucket.
  • Easy to refill and empty when full.
  • Safe to use even for children.
  • Eliminates asthma and other respiratory complications in the house.
  • Powerful suction.

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  • Doesn’t work well on soft surfaces or temperpedic bed.
  • Makes noise when the lights are on.

4. Dyson Vacuum for Bed Bugs [Dyson V7 Mattress] – Best Vacuum for Bed Bugs

Dyson vacuum for bed bugs

One of the things I appreciate about this product its weight. Dyson V7 is indeed a handy vacuum cleaner because it weighs just 1.4 kilograms. You can imagine how long you can work carrying only a kilo or so. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

The machine comes with a few yet important components that make your work easier. For instance, although most of the accessories are not included in the initial package, you can have the basics such as hose and HEPA filters.

Remember too, that this best bed bug vacuum is cord-free. That means no messing around with cables or in search of the best place to fix the power cord while working.

The machine looks small but those who have used it agree that it is one of the most powerful vacuums for bed bugs. It features powerful suction thus no reason to worry.

Notable features

  • Weighs a meager 3.7 lbs.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • 2-tier radial cyclones.


  • Powerful suction.
  • Easy to maneuver with.
  • No messing with wires or power cords.
  • Extremely lightweight (3.7 pounds only).
  • Exceptional bodywork.
  • Quite operation.


  • Does not have many attachments.
  • Short runtime.

5. Shark WV201 WANDVAC Handheld Vacuum with Powerful Suction

best vacuum cleaner for bed bugs

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on electric bills while maintaining cleanliness in your home, you will settle for a mattress vacuum cleaner with less wattage. Shark WV201 WANDVAC uses a meager 115W-motor to render powerful suction. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

With just 1.4 lbs at your hand, you cannot believe the power this machine will bring your way as it helps you to clean and eliminate bugs from your house.

In addition, Shark WV201 WANDVAC features a 0.08-quart dust cup. Although the dust cup seems small, it has the ability to hold all the dirt until you finish your cleaning. Picking up litter and cleaning of surfaces has never been easy than when you have a bed vacuum with tapered nozzle.

The machine features high speed that is coupled with a brushless motor.

It is also equipped with two additional accessories for handling upholstery and pet hair. In addition, thanks to these two accessories, it is easy to maneuver the vacuum through tight spaces.

Notable features

  • 08-quart dust cup.
  • Tapered nozzle.
  • 4 pounds.
  • Brushless motor.
  • 115W motor.
  • 2 additional accessories.


  • Easy to handle.
  • Picks pet dander and finer particles.
  • Safe to use.
  • Nice graphite color.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Easy to refill and empty.
  • Portable and cordless.


  • Thin brush attachment.
  • Deafeningly loud.

6. Eureka RapidClean Pro Bed Bugs Vacuum Cleaner 

best vacuum for bed bugs

If you are tired of paying heavy electricity bills, consider Eureka RapidClean Pro the answer to your predicaments. The bed bug vacuum does not need electricity to operate. With dry cells, the battery-operated bug vacuum works towards eliminating harmful insects in the house. Click here to see today’s price on Amazon.

This is a convenient hand-held bug vacuum with LED lights at the front. You can take the advantage of the headlights to illuminate your way to clearing bed bugs that have invaded your mattresses and house in general.

The power switch is placed conveniently at the handle, making it possible for you to click it to maximum when you want cleaning work to be done fast.

If you think that battery, power is weak, then think for a moment! This machine ruins for 40 minutes nonstop when fully charged. With forty minutes, you are able to complete your cleaning even if you are dealing with a large space.

Notable features

  • 2V rechargeable Lithium battery.
  • Cyclonic filtration system.
  • Battery operation.
  • 40-minute runtime when fully charged.
  • 3 lbs.


  • Longer runtime.
  • Convenient operation with switch at the handle.
  • LED headlights help you work at night.
  • Additional tools.
  • Swiveling head.
  • Sturdy bodywork.
  • Counter rest notch.
  • Long reach.


  • Small dust cup.
  • Speed and power button can be confusing.
  • The vac does not stand on its own. If it does, it will not be upright.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can bed bugs live in a vacuum cleaner?

A: Bed bugs are known to be small creatures with the amazing ability to cling to whatever they find. It is funny that bed bugs like to hide in very dark and isolated places. Although they live of human and pet blood, their live also depends on other things such as flour, fine dust or powder.

It is for this reason that bed bugs are able to cling to any surface whether a fabric, a mattress or even on a carpet, as long as the environment is conducive.

Bed bugs thrive in warm climates. If they find a dark and warm place in your house, such as deep inside a mattress, they will form a cluster quickly, multiply and form a huge family, which will be hard to eliminate.

Do not be surprised to learn that bed bugs can hide inside a vacuum cleaner. Why? The simple answer is vacuum cleaners have all the necessary things bedbugs need for survival. For instance, inside a vacuum cleaner are dark yet safe compartments. Besides, the dust cup, the crevice tool and other accessories form a conducive place for bed bugs. The only place they cannot cling to is a hose especially if the machine uses hot steam or water.

In addition, vacuum machines may harbor dust or any other powder, which is food for bedbugs.

Q: How can you remove bed bugs from a vacuum cleaner?

A: Bed bugs can cling on anything. One of the places they can hide is inside a bed bug vacuum hose. Thankfully, you can remove the bugs from the hose when you finish cleaning the house or mattress.

You simply need to remove the bag and seal it using a tape. After sealing the bag, place it inside another sealed plastic bag before you trash it into a litterbin or pit outside the house.

In the event you are vacuuming bed bugs with a bagless vacuum, you can drain the contents into a plastic bag that is sealed. To ensure no bedbug remains in the vacuum, clean the container using hot or warm soapy water. Wash the filter as well. You can opt to freeze the filter or discard it all together and replace it with a new one.

Q: Does vacuuming alone get rid of bed bugs from the house?

A: The simple answer is no! Vacuuming alone will not eliminate all bed bugs from the house. However, in isolated incidents, you can perform a thorough vacuuming and actually be able to eliminate bedbugs from your house.

One of the isolated cases where you are able to eliminate bed bugs from the house through vacuuming alone is when you are dealing with bed bugs at their initial stage. For instance, if you are dealing with bed bugs or insects that have just found their way to your house, it will not be hard to eliminate them using the best bed bug vacuum.

However, it would not be easy to eliminate bed bugs that have made your house their home, for several months. In this incidence, you may need to use additional measures such as pesticides, insecticides, or any other recommended chemicals.


Do not think you can get rid of bedbugs from your house easily if you don’t have the best vacuum for bed bugs, which is specifically designed to do the job. All the six vacuums for bed bugs on this post come with strong suction power, an important feature in eliminating bed bugs. Besides, the machines are lightweight, power-efficient, easy to use, and quiet. You have no reason why you can’t get one bug vacuum and say goodbye to bedbugs.